Company Charter

  • Accountable for providing both our OEM customer and our home office (Long-Stanton Mfg.) with high quality parts at a competitive price
  • Services include metal stamping, metal fabrication, welding, simple machining, and engineering support to our customers
  • Charged with keeping our customers information confidential and protecting it from theft within the Peoples Republic of China
  • Delivering custom manufacturing solutions that positively impact our customer’s bottom line.

History in China

  • Established in February 2005 as a WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) in the ZhongLou District of Changzhou China. As of Jan 1st 2011, our staff has a combined 66 year experience working for LSM in China.

5 key things that we offer our customers

  • Safety
  • Implementation of OSHA safety principles
  • Lower Recordable and Lost time accident rates than the U.S. average for our industry.
  • As December 2010 we have had 26 months with no Recordable or Lost Time Accidents
  • From 2007 to 2010 our lost time rate is 0.33 accidents per 100 employees
  • Quality
  • Our quality system is based on the ISO 2009-2008 qualification of our Ohio plant
  • We make use of PPAP processes, 1st part inspections, and continuous sampling throughout production
  • Delivery
  • Owning our own factory in China allows us to control the production schedule
  • Confidentiality
  • Owning our own factory gives us the ability to tightly control the distribution of your confidential information. Any outside vendors that we use only see sanitized drawings and never know what the final product is used for.
  • Manufacturability support
  • Between our U.S. and China facilities, our employees have hundreds of years of experience with metal stamping and fabrication. We are able to use this experience to help our customers choose the materials and processes that result in the best possible quality at the lowest possible price

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